Help Me Stay Accountable

As an ethics provider I highly value transparency and want to be held accountable by my community. On this page I give the opportunity to leave your feedback anonymously or look into what others have said before you.

Accountability Ecosystem

Individual Accountability Partners

Fel is my accountability administrator she is an administrative support profesional her service page

Gaia Harvey Jackson
from True Nature & UK Psychedelic Society

Erica Siegal from Shine Collective & NEST

Community Accountability Partners

EPIC | Ethical Psychedelic International Community. Community Leader.
Nectara | Director of Ethics
World Psychedelics Day | Ethics Director

My Background

My Bio

Sandra Dreisbach is an Ethicist and Psychedelic Ethics specialist with a MA, Phd in Philosophy.  She is an Ethics Advisor active in Psychedelic Integration, Education and Advocacy. Sandra is the community leader of EPIC (Ethical Psychedelic International Community), Director of Ethics for Nectara, a psychedelic support ecosystem, Ethics Director for World Psychedelics Day 6/20, and former leader of the Santa Cruz Psychedelic Society. Sandra taught Bioethics at University of California, Santa Cruz, for ten years; worked for many years in the tech industry primarily at Apple; and is a Reiki Master.

Additional Community Advising

AMAPP | Australian Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Practitioners
PATA | Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy Association

Extra sources