I first met Dr. Sandra through a serendipitous crossing of paths, a light shining forth whose outlook, integrity, and passion set her apart, not only as a leader, but also as a pillar within the community. As compassionate as she is wise, I found her to be a welcome breath of fresh air within the psychedelic space, a supportive teacher and guide for those within her sphere. An exceptional individual who deeply values community support and growth. One who understands the role a healthy ecosystem plays in a harmonious world, creating the structures, concepts, and relationships to bring about that shift. It has and continues to be an honor to know Sandra, in just a few of her many multidimensional forms; colleague, professional, mentor, and friend.

Elisabeth A. Rose

Co-founer At Sage and Saints

Having had the privilege of working closely with Dr. Sandra in the Psychedelic space, I can attest to her exceptional expertise and compassionate approach to healing. With her background in Philosophy and extensive research in ethical decision-making, Sandra brings a unique perspective that enriches our work profoundly. Her integration of academic theory with intuitive insight has been invaluable in navigating the complexities of psychedelic therapy. Through our collaboration, I've witnessed Sandra's unwavering commitment to promoting self-love and authenticity, both in her clients and our community. Beyond her academic prowess, Sandra's mastery in Reiki adds a profound dimension to our healing sessions. Her ability to channel energy and facilitate healing journeys is truly remarkable, creating a safe and transformative space for profound inner exploration and growth. Working alongside Sandra has been an enriching experience, filled with deep insights and profound healing. Her dedication to ethical practice and holistic well-being shines through in every interaction, making her an indispensable asset in the psychedelic therapy field. I wholeheartedly recommend Sandra to anyone seeking compassionate guidance and transformative healing on their journey.

Laurie Smith

Psychedelic Artist

Words fall short in expressing my gratitude to have the honor and the pleasure to work and create with Dr. Sandra Dreisbach. Sandra and I began our relationship with a mutual passion for one of the most delicate and nuanced topics in life and ethics. The moment I spoke with her for the first time I realized this was a soul who was truly genuine in her compassion for people. Since then our relationship has transformed into a space of creation. In building EPIC as well as hosting a workshop together I have witnessed Sandra as a truly collaborative individual with a tremendous capacity to teach in a way that empowers those around her. She is a community leader, builder and a beacon in the psychedelic space. Her desire to support and authentic care is unparalleled. She has a scope of knowledge and a curiosity to continue to learn that strikes a balance that I truly admire. Beyond that I am grateful that she is a friend. I trust her and her heart. Her value in the psychedelic space and in my life is a true gift.

Brenna Gebauer

Transformational Coach, Journey Into You

Sandra has a unique set of skills and abilities, borne out of many years of experience at the intersection of academic bioethics, underground psychedelic communities, and emerging legal psychedelic settings. She excels at facilitating difficult but important discussions with understanding and compassion, even where the issues are contentious and ethically complex.

Sam Douglas, PhD.

Founder, Psychedelic overground

Sandra is a real gem of a person, teacher, mentor, and collaborator. Every time I connect with Sandra, I am enriched by it in many ways. She’s highly intelligent with a heart to match and a fierce spirit to light all of that up towards genuine care and purpose. I’m so grateful she’s part of our team. But most of all, I’m blessed that I can count on her as a good friend.

Pascal Tremblay

Nectara CEO & Co-Founder

Sandra brings a critically necessary, thoughtful, and integrative approach to psychedelic ethics. Her teachings both inspire and provoke important discussions on what it means to hold a safe and responsible container for individual and group integration. Her core concepts should be part of every professional psychedelics training, and it was a pleasure to have her as a guest in our program.

Amanda Argot Efthimiou

Co-Founder of the Recíproco Method

Sandra is an alchemist. She has a magical ability to channel the exact soul medicine you need at that very moment. She’s so talented and I’m grateful to have worked with her!

Tami Yu

Artist, Writer

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