A Mission to Improve Psychedelic Practice for Everyone

In a world where the profound potential of altered states of consciousness are not fully understood, my core mission is to provide ethics support and guidance for psychedelic practices.

Vision & Mission


Ensure a future where psychedelic facilitators and journeyers are better informed and supported.


Provide ethics support and guidance for Psychedelic Practices to reduce harm & risk, and to enable greater benefit whether the intention is to explore, spiritually transform, or heal.


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Leading by example, I inspire ethical advancement among practitioners, fostering a culture of growth and positive impact for all we serve.

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I actively support community engagement to identify shared values, explore innovative solutions, and address ethical challenges.

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Through deep introspection, love and compassion I support people through healing, transformation, and ultimately a happier life.

Why Ethics?

Why Psychedelic Ethics?

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Ethical Foundations for Psychedelic Practitioners

Join transformative courses and workshops in psychedelic ethics, designed for both emerging and veteran practitioners.

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Ethics Training

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Microdosing Facilitator Training

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Sandra is the ethics instructor for this 4-month Microdosing Facilitator training. Learn the knowledge, skills, and ethical frameworks to more safely guide others through the microdosing experience.

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Microdosing Ethics

Microdosing Dacilitator course

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Ethics Self-Assessment

This Scorecard is designed to help psychedelic practitioners, therapists, and coaches identify blind spots and provides instant, actionable steps for improvement, along with insights for further consideration.

Takes less than 5 minutes

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How do I setup a 1-on-1 consult?

Sign up for a 1-on-1 discovery session on the contact page.

When is your next event?

You can see all upcoming events on the events page.

Can we hire you for an event or podcast?

Yes I'm open to speak at conferences, trainings, podcasts and workshops. Please setup a time for a discovery session on the contact page.

Do you also offer mentorships?

I offer 1-on-1 mentorship and community mentorship through Nectara mentorship program called Facilitator Circle.

Help Me Stay Accountable

As an ethics provider I highly value transparency and want to be held accountable by my community. So I hold a space for feedback where people can share anonymously.