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Ethical Leadership and Women's Voices in the Psychedelic Renaissance

Sandra Dreisbach
11 Jan 2022
39 min

Ethical Leadership and Women's Voices in the Psychedelic Renaissance

In the burgeoning field of psychedelics, the conversation around ethical practices and the inclusion of diverse voices has never been more critical. Sonya Stringer, in her podcast "Celebrating Women in Psychedelics," engages with Dr. Sandra Dreisbach to explore the profound ethical challenges and the essential role of women in navigating these complexities.

The Ethical Landscape of Psychedelics

As the psychedelic renaissance blends traditional plant medicine with Western medical and corporate models, a myriad of ethical considerations emerge. Dreisbach, an ethicist deeply entrenched in the psychedelic community, underscores the necessity of confronting these issues to safeguard the integrity and potential of psychedelic work. Central to their discussion is the quest for resolutions to ethical dilemmas facing the field, the skills required to bridge divides among stakeholders, and navigating the commercial aspects of psychedelics while ensuring equitable compensation for women's contributions.

The Imperative of Feminine Leadership

The podcast delves into the significance of feminine leadership in addressing ethical quandaries within the psychedelic space. Dreisbach and Stringer articulate a vision where leadership embodies qualities traditionally associated with femininity—compassion, empathy, and collaboration. These attributes are crucial for fostering a more inclusive, ethical, and holistic approach to psychedelic practice, transcending the limitations imposed by dominant paradigms.

Advocacy and Community Building

Dreisbach's involvement in advocacy efforts, such as supporting SB 519 in California, exemplifies the active role women are playing in shaping the legal and ethical frameworks of psychedelic use. Furthermore, her leadership in the Ethical Psychedelic International Community (Epic) highlights the importance of community in navigating the ethical landscape. Epic's commitment to providing consults, fostering community conversations, and supporting individuals and groups underscores the collective approach needed to address ethical challenges.

Navigating Money and Ethics

A poignant aspect of the conversation is the ethical navigation of financial matters in the psychedelic realm. Dreisbach reflects on the tension between sacred practices and commercial interests, advocating for a balanced approach that honors the value of psychedelic work while fostering sustainability and integrity.

Conclusion: A Call for Ethical and Inclusive Leadership

The insights from the podcast emphasize the critical role of ethical leadership and the unique contributions of women in the psychedelic renaissance. As the field continues to evolve, the voices of women and the principles of ethical practice will be instrumental in shaping a future where psychedelics can achieve their full therapeutic and transformative potential.

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